Monday, July 7, 2008

Favorite Window Garden

I moved out here to Missouri in 2008, from New York.  My boyfriend, ow husband, owed this house for several years before we met and did very minimal gardening for the few years he was here.

This garden was planted in July of 2008 and is one of my all time favorite gardens that we have set up in the front window. If you look closely you can see two tomato plants there as well. It may seem like a silly place to put them, but those were the best tomatoes we ever yielded to date. It must have been beginners luck. Over all, I just loved the colors this small little garden brought to the front of the house. 

The pine tress are still up at this point. These trees do not stick around for long. They end up getting a disease that turns them brown, and they eventually have to be pulled up. Kelly and I are not really fans of these pine trees to start with, so they would have been pulled up regardless of disease or not.  Photography skills are not at a prime here, check out our reflections in the windows, lol :)

The only thing I disliked about this garden was this hummingbird feeder. It leaked something terrible, but it was pretty to look at. It caused a major ant problems and I have upgraded since.

I was really wanting to say my photography skills improved here, and then the good ole reflection picture had to ruin it all and now these unsightly vertical shots.  It's all a learning thing with photography just like everything else. Practice is the key here, and I will need lots of it. I promise as this blog goes on you will see an improvement to my pictures. In current times, 2015, I have a Cannon 60D.