Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SNOWmagedon 2011

THIS WAS THE BIG ONE, I am sure of it. The biggest snow that the Midwest has seen for awhile, and I have a feeling it will hit the record books for sure. It may never happen like this again for a LONG LONG time so I want to document it here. I wasn't originally NOT going to include winter stuff here, but this was such a monster storm it needs to go down in the books, or at least in my books.


Okay this was just a wow! This is our garage's back door. We opened it up to get a peak at what was really out there. Having a great big yard can be really fun and rewarding, but someone has to clean it up when it snows and that someone is Kelly, lol.  Let's get out there and see how really bad it is? UM WHAAAAT :) Kelly is over 6 feet tall, and the snow is over his knees! BUT oddly enough, look under that tree to the left, GROUND??? Weird. It's all about the snow drifts here. We had drifts in NY too, but not like this. We had areas of our year from this storm that where up to Kelly's chest area! 

I didn't feel too bad for him because he was dying to jump on his 4 wheeler and start pushing snow. He cleaned up our garage landing area, but that was about it, we needed a front loader to clear the rest of our drive which was just downright CRAZY!!!

It looks like ice-cream oh so YUMMY! I love taking pictures of the snow 'untouched'. The house was basically buried. I wonder if we ever get a snow like this again?

The pond is under there somewhere. Where did it go?  Below, the kitty cats got their own private pathway cut for them. My Cats love being out in the snow, or at least Salem doesn't mind too much. She let's me know when she is ready to come in and warm up near the fire. 

LET ME IN you crazy people. don't you know it's cold out here! This is our princess Salem :)

Stay tuned. As soon as all this none sense melts, Kelly and I will be prepping for the 2012 planting season. We still have a ton of projects left to get the outdoor living space up to par.