Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Time!!!

I came up with the idea to blog our Halloween pictures to keep track of them.  I'm going to go back and add 2011 and 2012 Halloween as well because I have them too. This year we added a new Balloon....Mr. Spider!! Okay, that isn't his name but it was the best I could think of lol. 

Very Very cute as far as I am concerned, and it's a perfect match to the other balloons in the yard. How seriously cute is his big purple hat??!!

Most everything is similar to past years, but it is a;ways great to see progression. I will start with out Witch and Cauldron. She is always the highlight of the yard!

We do not have the fog machine set up in the Cauldron yet, that will be closer to Halloween time. No need to hook it up this early. I will have updated pictures once I get that going. It's fun to see the Cauldron bubbling and smoking!!!

Next up is the Graveyard scene. This has become a staple for us on Halloween. We always have a graveyard each year. I wonder if my Husband is trying to hint at something? lol. This needs an updated picture as well because this wasn't the completed graveyard. I will add one in after this picture.

Then we have the infamous three ghosts. These things are cute and you can see them when you are coming down the drive. There arms just peak up from the tall grass field.

One of my personal Favorites though is good ole Franky!!! His is
 such an awesome balloon, one of the tallest we have. He always looks great since we have such a large yard to fill, a large balloon like him is just perfect!

We also have a cute pumpkin with a witches hat. I love the hat the most with the bright yellow moons! 

That's it for all of the balloons. We have six in total now. I think that's a good amount. It gets difficult to put them up if you get more than that. I think we will stay at six for a bit!

On to the other decorations. Our most famous non balloon deco is "Scott".

The Skull sitting on the table was only added last year. I think I got it at Swiss Colony last year, lol.

We upgraded the bat lights for the garage this year. We moved them up to the gutters. They were hanging too low before over the garage door opening and my poor new FJ was rubbing them.

I think I'm missing my Pumpkin Garden Stake, but I still have my Bat one!

I also stepped up the straw display from the year before. I think 2 years back I just had a single bale and that was really it. This year I went all out to display our pumpkins.

The last part of the decor outside is the small graveyard I do at the base of my kitchen window. It's small but very cute. I only just removed flowers from this area. As you can see everything is still green and growing.

I'm really happy how all the pictures came out. I used my Cannon 60D on Vivid Creative Mode with the background blur on max. I'm getting better with the camera, but still need work. I will learn it all eventually!