Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween is here again

It's that time of year folks for our Halloween decorations to go up. Unfortunately this year I focused more indoors than I did out doors with my pictures. I do have a few outside shots so I am going to include them here. THEY ARE BEYOND TERRIBLE, and I'm a little embarrassed to put them out there, but it's all I got. They were taken at night, but an outside picture is still an outside picture, even if it's blurry and impossible to see :) 

One thing I know for sure is check out my Giant Marigolds coming down the side of the walk way on the right. Kelly added a bed to that side of the walk and did Giant Marigolds, and BAM those thing bloomed like wild fire. It's October and they are still going strong. Say hi to the creepy hanging skelton that kinda looks like he is staring at you, LOL!!! Are you curious what Kelly was for Halloween this year? CREEEEEPY is what he was with a Capitol 'C', lol. You can throw SCARY in that too.  Smile Boys!

Stay tuned for some wonderful new projects coming up for 2012!