Sunday, December 30, 2012

BlueJays, Good or Bad?

Now there is a GIANT debate online about Blue Jays. Some people love them and feed them, and other people despise them in their yards. I'm torn myself. I think they are super beautiful, but they really munch down the suet. It can get expensive keeping up with their giant peanut- suet loving appetites. I also think they bully my cats, lol. They squawk bloody murder when they see my cats (which is a normal warning call they emit for possible predators), but it scares my cats to death.  Salem freaks out when she sees them out the window, and I'm sure she would gobble one up whole if she was capable of catching it. 

This picture came out really nice so I wanted to share it. This Blue Jay scarfed down half this suet cake, lol. The picture is a tad bit grainy, but cool how it shows him in action with a mouth full. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dark Eyed Junco and a Titmouse *giggles*

Nothing spectacular here today, just a quick post showing off a new bird siting or 2. First up we have a Dark Eyed Junco. I knew I would not see one of these till winter, But The Dark Eyed Junco's have finally arrived. Pretty neat little birds they are. I fear for his a life little though since he is a ground dweller, I wonder what my cats will make of him. Can you say, CRAPPY PICTURE? Yup yup, the photography gods were definitely not shining on me today. You win some and you lose some.

Next we have a Titmouse. As immature as this sounds, the name still makes me giggle like a school girl, *giggles*.  The photography gods decided to show up some here, they felt so terrible about the Junco Picture they wanted to make up for it with this lovely Titmouse, *giggles*.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wild Birds Unlimited APS Bird Feeding System

I took the big PLUNGE and lost my mind and went out and purchased Wild Birds Unlimited APS customizable Bird Feeding System, otherwise known as APS. I got tired of changing bird feeders and having the squirrels rob me blind.  In total I bought 3 different systems for three locations around the house. You may ask, 'Are these systems affordable'. The answer to this is, ' UM HELL NO', lol!!! Be prepared to fork over an arm, a leg and a lung when you decide to purchase these. I can't even imagine what got into me, but what's done is done. I think I spent close to $1000.00 on all this crap, lol. I should seriously get by head checked at this point. The system is very addictive and the pieces add up quickly. I hope these is the LAST bird feeding system I ever have to purchase. I have literally thrown away a ton of money trying new feeders and wasted bird feed going to the squirrels, so hopefully this solves the problems. If not...please point me to the closest bridge so I can JUMP :) 

(UPDATE - 2015 - It's been just over a year since I purchased this system and I have to say it was the smartest thing I ever did. It was worth every penny and than some. Everything is still going strong, and I no longer feed squirrels expensive bird food mixes, I feed birds! I love how you can change the unit depending on your mood for the season. I will continue to purchase pieces to expand. I can not say enough about these units - they are GOLD).


I also have a Hawk Guard and a Cylinder Feeder for up top when I take the House Feeder Down. In additional I have also added a feeding tray under the House Feeder for smaller birds. This feeder plain rocks. Not ONE Squirrel has been able to make it's way up to this thing. They tried at first, but NO GO and finally gave up the battle. The baffle has done the trick. I can safely place expensive bird foods all over this thing and know that only the birds are eating from it. I also have seen a BIG decrease in House Sparrows and Grackles as well. 


Another beast of a unit. I have added a Feeding Tray to this for Cardinals,and it too is anti squirrel. LOVE IT. Nothing has been able to climb that baffle system. My expensive blends of nuts and fruits are protected. My birds have never been happier.


Now this one is NOT squirrel proof, but I combat it by only using Pepper suit cakes here and it works wonders. I also make my own suet cakes for here and just add tabasco sauce or pepper flakes. In a years time I have never seen a squirrel near this unit. My Norther Flickers LOVE this feeder. I have added a double suet feeder to this in hopes of attracting the elusive Pileated Woodpecker. We will see...