Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dark Eyed Junco and a Titmouse *giggles*

Nothing spectacular here today, just a quick post showing off a new bird siting or 2. First up we have a Dark Eyed Junco. I knew I would not see one of these till winter, But The Dark Eyed Junco's have finally arrived. Pretty neat little birds they are. I fear for his a life little though since he is a ground dweller, I wonder what my cats will make of him. Can you say, CRAPPY PICTURE? Yup yup, the photography gods were definitely not shining on me today. You win some and you lose some.

Next we have a Titmouse. As immature as this sounds, the name still makes me giggle like a school girl, *giggles*.  The photography gods decided to show up some here, they felt so terrible about the Junco Picture they wanted to make up for it with this lovely Titmouse, *giggles*.

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