Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Here is My Story...

I'm a Big City Girl from New York that now lives in the Country in Missouri. 
CityGRL gone CountryGRL, and when I say country I mean MOOOOOOOO. When I stand out on my lawn in the early evening I can literally hear the neighbors cows mooing, lol. This from a girl that not too long ago lived in a one bedroom apartment in New York.  I had no garden, no grass, no spot for even containers, no lawn at all. I now live with My boyfriend, Kelly. and our two lil ones, Maddie and Salem....CATS that is :) in a GIANT wonderful house located on several large acres of property. It's a shocker all right. This is a big change from my claustrophobic one bedroom apartment in NY.

I have always had a green thumb urge inside of me. I get this from my Mom that loves to garden, especially since she was raised on a farm growing up. Every year my Mom maintains her wonderful garden and flowers and she looks forward to the Spring just to be able to get out there and get her hands dirty. I beleive the urge to grow comes from her. On the other hand, my boyfriend doesn't agree. He calls me the plant killer LOL!!!! So far since I moved to Missouri I have done nothing but kill any plants in my path *embarassed grin*. I came to Missouri in Late June 2008 and I immediately set up a small garden that you see in the last post. It did wonderful!

This blog is here to prove Kelly wrong...Or I at least I hope it does :)  


  1. Sounds like a lot of work to me.

  2. Sounds like a lot of work for US :)

  3. Hi Dee. I ran across your stamping/scrapping blog I can't remember how now. LOL but I noticed that you are new to Missouri. So as a live long resident of Missouri...WELCOME!
    I got tickled at your post. My boyfriend is from a small town around Fort Leonardwood. He's a country boy for sure. When we visit his parents I too hear the cow's in the morning. For this city girl it's a great break for my little city of Springfield.
    My boyfriend has wanted to garden for a few years now but I keep working with little containers....peppers, tomatoes that kind of stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing what you put together. Hope you had a good trip to Lowes.

  4. Hi Tammy!!! It's great to meet you and thanks for stoppin in. I have been to Springfield and love it. It gives me the City touch I need every so often. Containers are fun! My Mom always gardened and had containers as well and I thought it would be a great way to start. She has grown full size eggplant in a container, so I just had to give at all a try. I will be adding lots of pictures, this is a journal for me in a sort... so I can remember what I planted when :)