Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cows - MOO :)

Coming from NY I have seen my fair share of dairy cows, but only on rare visits to upstate NY. Here we are surrounded by beef cattle...everywhere you look. Very different from Dairy cows and equally as fascinating. I have cows right in my back yard area. On certain spring and summer nights standing on my deck I can hear the faint sounds of mooing in distance. 

These cows are just down the road from my house. Since I had my new camera ready to go I had Kelly pull over so I could get some shots. I must have looked pretty crazy to stop and take pictures of cows for a farm boy raised in this area, lol. I wanted to show my Mom back in NY what lived on my road besides me :) As docile and friendly as Kelly keeps telling me these cows are, they were starring at me like I was lunch. The baby was cute too. I'm sure with time these will become common for me as well, but for now...HOLY COW, lol! 

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