Monday, April 16, 2012

Wild Coyote

This is the third post of the day and this one is pretty special. Kelly and I ran across this Coyote on the gravel road that heads to the main highway as we were headed to Lowes to get more yard project supplies. I was lucky enough to have my new camera on me (my Canon 60D) and was able to get up close to this injured Coyote. 

I'm not sure how the injury occurred, I was not present for that. I'm also not sure of the faith of this animal because it most definitely had a broken leg. There was a couple in there truck that were at the location first, and they were dealing with the situation. If I'm not mistaken I believe they put the animal out of it's misery. Kelly and I left, I did not want to be a witness to it. Each time I look at this picture I am in awe because this is something I won't ever see again. 

Wildlife is awesome so always capture it best you can - when you can. 

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