Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Told You So (AGAIN) - Blue Bird

One of the main birds I have been trying to attract to this yard is a Blue Bird. According to my Bird Books they are in this area in abundance. I know a lot of time they are attracted to worm feeding, but I can not bring myself to do it.  Since I do not worm feed, I figured my chances for spotting one would be extremely low. I asked Kelly about them and he said he had never seen one in our yard before. I was not to hopeful, but I set out to work my Bird Magic and see if I could lure one in. After the Pileated Woodpecker sighing, I figured anything was possible, lol.


This is the coolest of all things. It traveled quickly through the yard, but I knew I had to grab a picture or Kelly may not believe that I actually saw one here. When I sent him the picture he was totally shocked :) Just call me the Queen of luring in birds, lol. Oh wait, I TOLD YOU SO YET AGAIN!

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