Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mr. Goldfinch and my Shepard Hook

I took a few shots of several Goldfinch that visited me at my front Kitchen Window Hummingbird Feeder ook today. They are attracted to the new Shepard's hook. I was able to snap a few awesome shots that I wanted to share. This curious little fellow was peekin' into my kitchen window at me, as I clicked away with my camera.

(Canon 60D 1/400s 70-300mm f/5.6  ISO 100)

I love these pictures! I happen to get lucky with the right settings that day for my Canon 60D.

(Canon EOS 60D 1/400s 70mm-300mm f/5.6 ISO 320)

It's as if the cute little Goldfinch posed for me and the camera. Talk about a ham lol. I love the way his feathers are blowing up in the wind. Sometimes this camera makes me look like a professional photographer (note the word SOMETIMES). 

(Canon ISO 60D 1/500 70mm-300mm f/5.6 ISO 400)

These were all taken through my kitchen glass window, so I'm very pleased with how they came out. 

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