Thursday, May 24, 2012

Snap Snap :)

Today we had a really cool visitor in our yard. As Kelly was outside watering flowers he noticed this amazing looking snapping turtle just wandering about our grass. The neighbors have a poop pond, GAG-GAG, and I think that is were he came from. The poor fellow lives in poop! 

Since Kelly was watering flowers, he decided to give the little guy a bath to help cool him down some and clean off some of the poop. It was really hot out today and I was afraid he might over heat otherwise. I do not know anything about snapping turtles, so I'm assuming he was hot! We sprayed him down with the hose. It was a light spray (not as forceful as it seems in the picture. Nothing beats a nice refreshing cool shower on a hot day.

I think he's ready to head back to the neighbors poop pond :)

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