Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another I Told You So, Introducing Mr. Oriole

This is one of my favorite posts because I can say, 'I TOLD YOU SO', to Kelly yet again. I told him I wanted to try and lure in a Baltimore Oriole, and he basically outright laughed at me, lol. He should know better, especially after the Pileated Woodpecker and The Blue Bird, does;t he realize I posses magic Bird skills. He said he had grown up in these parts and never seen one. My Bird Book clearly stated that they were in this area during Migration in the Spring. He looked at me as if I was crazy, will the man every learn??? So I proceeded to read up on the best things to feed them, and the best ways to get them in your yard. This is the feeding station I came up with. I call this the crazy bird lady contraption, hahaha. We got Oriole Nectar, Oranges and Grape Jelly. How could any passing Oriole resist this?

WELL THEY COULDN'T - check this out!!! Hello Mr. Oriole. I seriously did not believe it myself. Maybe I am the Bird Whisperer after all.  I think I took a 100 pictures I was that excited! I was at my kitchen window and trying really hard not to spoof him. I needed pictures for PROOF OF LIFE for Kelly, lol. 

He seemed to really love the jelly the most. Unfortunately jelly = ants, so it's something that really has to be monitored. Jelly also = bees which I'm allergic to, so caution has to be taken when feeding jelly.  Look at his beak coated with the jelly, oh so awesome. 

He took a break to the trees for a bit...

I went out and rearranged the crazy contraption, and decided to spear the orange on the top of the Shepard's Hook instead. He seemed intimated by the original orange feeder.  He came back down several hours later and seemed very pleased by the upgrades.  The sun also came out and my pictures improved ten fold. These are my favorite ever bird pictures. This is one of my most treasured times in all of my bird hunting time so far. I could not be more pleased with the crazy lady Oriole Attracting Contraption I created, HAHAHA :) 

The best part of this all was texting some of these pictures to Kelly at work and saying, 'I TOLD YOU SO' to him yet again. I think he was more surprised than me to see that I actually pulled off luring one into the yard. I think he is getting tired of me saying I told you so. The man needs to not question my awesome bird skills anymore and I believe after this he has stop questioning the magic, lol. I give new meaning to the words beginners luck. 

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